Pvzgw ncs

Playing multiplayer

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a video series by NintendoCapriSun. It is not his 70th Let's Play as he doesn't consider it as one. Since the game is exclusive to XBox One on launch, that's where he plays the game. This video series is also sponsored by EA RONKU. This lead to some fan hate toward this video series because of the general outcry toward the practice in the recent months, some of it being illegal. Some fans also hate the fact that Tim has an XBox One which shows clear fanboy-ism toward Microsoft's competitors (either PS4 or Wii U - most probably toward the former).


# Upload date Link
1 Feb. 28, 2014 Click here
2 Mar. 2, 2014 Click here
3 Mar. 5, 2014 Click here

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