Willow ncs

First boss, episode 3.

Willow is, by start date (02/08/13), NintendoCapriSun's 61st Let's Play. It's a game for the NES based on the 1988 movie of the same name. Tim mentions that he does this game because he loves the movie a lot and that the game isn't half bad. The let's play ended on Feb. 19 after 11 episodes.


# Episode name Upload date Link
1 Ignore the Bird, Follow the River Feb. 8, 2013 Click Here
2 That's a Bad Idea, Very Bad Feb. 9, 2013 Click Here
3 The Bones Have Spoken Feb. 10, 2013 Click Here
4 Excuse Me, Are We Having a Party? Feb. 11, 2013 Click Here
5 Give Me Some Water, Peck Feb. 13, 2013 Click Here
6 I Dwell In Darkness Without You Feb. 14, 2013 Click Here
7 Maybe It Was Something We Said Feb. 15, 2013 Click Here
8 Oh No, That's the Way I'm Going Feb. 16, 2013 Click Here
9 At Last... Tir Asleen Feb. 17, 2013 Click Here
10 Take Tha-a-a-a-at Feb. 18, 2013 Click Here
11 Transform Me, and I Will Destroy Her Feb. 19, 2013 Click Here

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