NCS is Luigi, Empolo is Nabbit.

"Super Luigi U" is, by start date, the 2nd NCS-held Co-Op. Super Luigi U is a DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U for the Nintendo WiiU. The guess for this Co-Op is Empolo18. It is also offered as a side-LP for those who doesn't watch Pokémon Sapphire. On Episode 5, NCS renamed his videos to "Super Luigi U Co-Op (w/Nabbit) Part x". The LP has come to an end on Aug. 17, 2013


Episode # Upload date Link
1 July 27, 2013 Click Here
2 July 29, 2013 Click Here
3 July 31, 2013 Click Here
4 Aug. 2, 2013 Click Here
5 Aug. 4, 2013 Click Here
6 Aug. 6, 2013 Click Here
7 Aug. 8, 2013 Click Here
8 Aug. 11, 2013 Click Here
9 Aug. 13, 2013 Click Here
10 Aug. 14, 2013 Click Here
11  Aug. 17, 2013 Click Here

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