End of Level 2. First episode of Super C.

This is NCS's 45th Let's Play in which he plays the NES game called "Super C" which is a 2D shooter. The project started on June 26, 2011 and ended on the 29 and consists of 3 parts. He played the game in part of a project called "8-Bit Summer" started by a LPer called " MasterXPlouDer" in which, for all summer, people LP 8-bit games.

Fun factEdit

June 26 2011 is also another day for NCS : the acquisition of a brand new Dell XPS computer with Quad-core CPU (Core i7), 8GB of (DDR3) RAM. Tweets about his new computer : 1, 2 (re-installing driver for capture card), 3 (re-installing Sony Vegas Pro 10), 4, 5 (commenting on performance)


Part Title Uploaded Watch
Part 1 Too Many MANS! 26 Jun 2011 Watch this video
Part 2 My Imitation Of A Toilet Flushing 28 Jun 2011 Watch this video
Part 3 Quick Win 29 Jun 2011 Watch this video