Sog beta-ncs

Title screen

Secret of Grindea is, by startdate, NintendoCapriSun's 76th Let's Play. This is an "old-school" RPG for the PC released on Steam. Tim is playing a beta version (the game isn't even complete) and does not play the online co-op mode. This game is some kind of spiritual successor to Secret Of Mana, one of Tim's all-time favorite games.


# Episode Name Upload date Link
1 Manaland Nov. 26, 2014 Click here
2 That Bag Is Crazy Nov. 27, 2014 Click here
3 Bigoss Slime Nov. 28, 2014 Click here
4 The Sorta Disgusting Episode Nov. 29, 2014 Click here
5 Block Puzzles Nov. 30, 2014 Click here
6 Elite Dec. 1, 2014 Click here
7 Bullet Hell Dec. 2, 2014 Click here
8 Technological Terror Dec. 3, 2014 Click here
9 Gun-d4m Style Dec. 4, 2014 Click here

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