Part 1 of Megaman X2.

Let's Play Megaman X2 is, by start date, NintendoCapriSun's 33rd let's play (LP) on YouTube. In it he plays Mega Man X2 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was posted between February 22 and March 17, 2010. The LP consists of 10 parts, and is included in NintendoCapriSun's playlist Let's Play Megaman X1-X3.


Playlist: Click Here

# Title Upload Date Link
1 Watching The Wheels Feb. 22, 2010 Click Here
2 Get Me A Violen Feb. 24, 2010 Click Here
3 Under The Sea Feb. 26, 2010 Click Here
4 Really? (Let's Fail) Mar. 1, 2010 Click Here
5 Backtracking & Nerve Wracking Mar. 3, 2010 Click Here
6 You've Got Snail Mar. 5, 2010 Click Here
7 Plowing Thru Sigma Stages Mar. 8, 2010 Click Here
8 On To The Boss Gauntlet! Mar. 10, 2010 Click Here
9 Divisible By Zero Mar. 12, 2010 Click Here
10 Wipe It Like A Virus Mar. 17, 2010 Click Here

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