Part 1 of Megaman 9.

Let's Play Megaman 9 is, by start date, NintendoCapriSun's 26th let's play (LP) on YouTube. In it he plays Mega Man 9 for the Nintendo Wii. It was posted between July 7 and August 2, 2009. The LP consists of nine parts.


Playlist: Click Here

# Title Upload Date Link
1 Three Months Toke-Free Jul. 7, 2009 Click Here
2 I Like It When I'sabe Plugginininina My Jewel
(name given to original upload only)
Jul. 10, 2009 (original), Oct. 31, 2010 (reupload) Click Here
3 Tornagma Jul. 12, 2009 Click Here
4 Splornet & Rant About Music Remakes Jul. 16, 2009 Click Here
5 Oh, There's A Big Surprise Jul. 18, 2009 Click Here
6 Failgress Jul. 22, 2009 Click Here
7 Wily On Saturday Jul. 25, 2009 Click Here
8 The Final Showdown......Again Aug. 2, 2009 Click Here
9 The End... Aug. 2, 2009 Click Here

Episode 2 (original video ID: AsPeEHY8GYg) was ID Matched as IGN claiming rights to some of the content, when in reality it all belongs to Capcom. NCS said it would be less of a hassle to reupload it. It was posted again on Halloween, 2010. NCS didn't bother to name it after the fiasco.