Missed 3

Part 1 of Megaman 3.

Let's Play Megaman 3 is, by start date, NintendoCapriSun's 16th let's play (LP) on YouTube. In it he plays Mega Man 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was posted between January 10 and 17, 2009. The LP consists of eight parts.


Playlist: Click Here

# Title Upload Date Link
1 Fake Christmas Reaction Jan. 10, 2009 Click Here
2 The Most Pointless Episode Ever Jan. 11, 2009 Click Here
3 Speed Talking Jan. 12, 2009 Click Here
4 Needle Man Stage Twice Over Jan. 13, 2009 Click Here
5 Scraping By Jan. 14, 2009 Click Here
6 Wily, Here We Come Jan. 15, 2009 Click Here
7 The Boss Gauntlet Jan. 16, 2009 Click Here
8 Rockaria! Jan. 17, 2009 Click Here

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