A picture from Part 1 of Megaman 10.

Let's Play Mega Man 10 is, by start date, NintendoCapriSun's 36th let's play (LP) on YouTube. In it he plays Mega Man 10 for the Nintendo Wii. It was posted between June 22 and August 13, 2010. The LP consists of 10 parts.


Playlist: Click Here

# Title Upload Date Link
1 Boy Do I Feel Sheepish Jun. 22, 2010 Click Here
2 I Got The Wool But I'm Goin' Commando Jun. 23, 2010 Click Here
3 Craaaaap! Jun. 24, 2010 Click Here
4 Oops, No Title? Jun. 25, 2010 Click Here
5 Subscribe To BreakingNCS! :D Jul. 1, 2010 Click Here
6 Stricken Jul. 3, 2010 Click Here
7 Roll Saves The Day Jul. 6, 2010 Click Here
8 Come Fail Away Aug. 9, 2010 Click Here
9 We Are The Champions Aug. 11, 2010 Click Here
10 The End Aug. 13, 2010 Click Here

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