The heck is going on?!

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is, by start date, NintendoCapriSun's 58th Let's Play which began on August 22, 2012 for a "backup PAX LP" (project that uploads itself while NCS is gone). Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a game for the SNES (also released on the Wii's virtual console) and a spin-off of the popular Final Fantasy games. He wanted to this games because it is the first RPG he ever played, has fond memories of it and needed a game that would take approximatively 20 parts to complete.

The LP ended on September 9, 2012 with 19 parts.


# Episode Name Upload Date Link
1 Greatest Town Music Ever Aug. 22, 2012 Click Here
2 Boner Dungeon Aug. 23, 2012 Click Here
3 Showoff Aug. 24, 2012 Click Here
4 Block Puzzle Aug. 25, 2012 Click Here


Aug. 26, 2012 Click Here
6 There's The Bitch Now Aug. 27, 2012 Click Here
7 Reuben Aug. 28, 2012 Click Here
8 Flaming Pilar Aug. 29, 2012 Click Here
9 White as a Ghost Aug. 30, 2012 Click Here
10 The Obligatory Long Part Aug. 31, 2012 Click Here
11 I Just Blew You Sept. 01, 2012 Click Here
12 This is not Final Fantasy 4 Sept. 02, 2012 Click Here
13 Gale Weathers Sept. 03, 2012 Click Here
14 Everybody Knows It's Windy Sept. 04, 2012 Click Here
15 Elevator Antics Sept. 05, 2012 Click Here
16 Mac Fleetwood Sept. 06, 2012 Click Here
17 Doom Shaka Laka Sept. 07, 2012 Click Here
18 Pushing Through Sept. 08, 2012 Click Here
19 Finale: I'm Sailing Away Sept. 09, 2012 Click Here

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