"Castlevania: Aria Of Sorry" is, by start date, NCS' 81st LP. It's an Action-Platformer "Metroidvania" for the Gamboy Advance. NCS plays the game as publicity for Koji Igarashi's kickstarter of "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night" which is a spiritual successor to the Castlevania games by the godfather of the aforementioned series. NCS plays the game for the first time. He started his run of the game around the same time as fellow Runaway Guys member ProtonJon.

This is recorded on emulator and it's also his first LP in Ohio.

Episodes Edit

Ep. # Name Upload date Link
1 #IGAvania Hype! May 19, 2015 Click here
2 Everywhere A Soul Soul June 4, 2015 Click here
3 Don't Sting Me June 5, 2015 Click here

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