"Adventures Of Pip" is, by start date, NintendoCapriSun's 87th Let's Play. It's a 2D adventure game for the PC by TicToc Games released on Steam. It is part of Tim's 8-Bit Summer 2015 because of the game's premise and look. Between Episode 8 and 9, Tim forgot to record some levels. It is unknown if he plans to make an episode 15 to show them.

Episodes Edit

Ep. # Title Upload date Link
1 Pixel Perfect July 23, 2015 Click here
2 8-Bit Summer Other July 26, 2015 Click here
3 Double Your Hearts July 30, 2015 Click here
4 Okay Sawyer Aug. 16, 2015 Click here
5 The Minecraft Dream Aug. 19, 2015 Click here
6 Daredevil Run Aug. 20, 2015 Click here
7 Mr. No-Arms Aug. 25, 2015 Click here
8 White Knight Aug. 27, 2015 Click here
9 Oops, I Skipped Some Levels Aug. 29, 2015 Click here
10 World 8 Aug. 31, 2015 Click here
11 Pay At The Pump Sept. 7, 2015 Click here
12 Old, But Not Obsolete Sept. 24, 2015 Click here
13 Perfec Sept. 26, 2015 Click here
14 Finalley Sept. 28, 2015 Click here

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