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BreakingNCS - Tim's second "vlogging" channel. It's where JealousGuy left off. He talks about his personal life, talks or rants about different topics and records different occasions. BreakingNCS was started because JealousGuy had 2 strikes which were a risk toward Tim's NintendoCaprisun channel because of the same e-mail usage to the two accounts. The channel was created on the 30th of June, 2010.

Other than ordinary Vlogs, he uses BreakingNCS for package opening videos of things his dedicated fans sent him. He records trips to Magfest, Pax Prime, Pax East and other events. Tim sometimes uses the channel for posting stranger videos or videos that would seem out of place elsewhere such as TOMORROW'S CHRISTMAS EVE, "Hang In There" (Instrumental Version) and AttackingTucans And Marv SCREAM About Spiders. He also sometimes posts his Diary Tapes on the channel, such as the 10 Years Ago series and Pre-Move Shenanigans.

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