Screenshot from part one of the Battletoads race

On January 1st, 2012, a 4 player Battletoads race between NintendoCaprisun, ProtonJonSA, SuperJeenius and Pcull44444 started. They are racing to the end of the game as fast as possible, save-states aren't allowed, but warps are allowed and they have infinite lives. ProtonJon also came up with achievements, such as "Spend 10 minutes in a level" and "First to curse in the race".


Part 1Jan. 1, 2012Watch this video
Part 2Jan. 8, 2012Watch this video
Part 3Jan. 17, 2012Watch this video


Special AchievementsEdit

These achievements can only be gotten by one person.
(listed in the order they were achieved)

Language, Young Man!
First to curse in the race

Hit The Ground Running
First person to play

Hey Guys, Wait Up!
Last person to start

First Blood
First to lose a life

It's All This Easy, Right?
First to beat Level 1

Bringing Up The Rear
Last one to beat Level 1

Everyone Else Did It
Last player to lose a life

Delicious Tears
1st to break down and cry

Normal AchievementsEdit

These achievements can be gotten, even if someone else already got them.
(listed in the order they were achieved)

How To Train A Dragon
Use the dragon to attack

Unlimited Plus 1
Collected a 1UP

Cheating Death
Die while beating a level / Beat a level with no health

From Downtown!
All shots hit the first Boss

One Life To Live
Beat a level without dying

Do The Timewarp
Take a Mega Warp

That Wasn't Too Bad...
Beat Stage 3 in < 5 lives

Perfect Imitation
Someone's getting hatemail

A Toad's Dozen
Use 12 lives in one level

Do The Timewarp Again!
Take two Mega Warps

Just Like Hasselhoff
Jump over a high wall

Air Juggle
Keep a boss in midair

Fuck You Sound Barrier!
Make everyone go deaf

Goo Lover
Killed four times by Goo

Well Placed 1UP
Get the same 1UP 5 times

I Like It Here!
Spend 10 minutes in a level

What's A "Race"?
Pause the game for a while

Save Me Konami Code!
Lose 30 lives in one stage

It Had To Be Snakes...
There's a FOURTH room?

Hope Rides Alone
You don't got this

Battletoads: The Musical
Sing a song of Battletoads

Changing Gears
4th to 2nd in 10 minutes

Going For The Record
Fastest Possible Death

I think he's part cat now...

Frog Pin Cushion
Die 50 times to spikes

My Bad...
Should've said that earlier

Wonder What's On TV...
Spend 30 minutes in a level

Only the Lonely
Only player to play a level

He's quite the charmer

Ernie's Revenge
10 deaths by Rubber Duck

It Was Worth It
Die to get farther in a level

He Who Smelt It...
Die 10 times to the gas

Dry, Pointy Land
Exit the water, die anyways

Bow Chika Wow OW!
Lose 69 lives in a level

That's Not Your Line!
Quote a different LPer

All About The Benjamins/Bordens
Lose 100 lives in total

Crash into the last wall

Mid Sentence Smackdown
Never EVER tempt fate

Mister Boombastic
Rat doesn't reach a bomb

Your Biggest Fan
10 deaths to a fan

Say Me Fantastic
Rat doesn't reach 2 bombs

Glitched the Glitch
How did he fall up?

No Blue Shells Yet
Hold the lead for an hour

Why Even Bother?
Just waiting around to die

Horrible Luck
Die by a boss spawning

Turn The Other Cheek
Matthew 5: 38-42

What's The Big Deal?
Cleared the fans first try

Called It
Narrated your own death

Maze wasn't hard enough

Split Second Screw Job
That's salt in the wound...

Alcoholic in Training
This game stops sobriety

Snarf Snarf!
Better call Lion-O for help

Life Imitates Battletoads
Hurt yourself in real life

He is in last place


Achievement OverviewEdit

Hover over an achievement to see how it is gotten.

Language, Young Man!YesNoNoNo
Hit The Ground RunningYesNoNoNo
Hey Guys, Wait Up!NoNoNoYes
First BloodYesNoNoNo
How To Train A DragonNoYesNoNo
Unlimited Plus 1YesYesYesYes
Cheating DeathYesNoNoYes
It's All This Easy, Right?NoNoNoYes
From Downtown!NoYesNoNo
One Life To LiveNoYesYesYes
Bringing Up The RearNoNoYesNo
Everyone Else Did ItNoNoNoYes
Do The TimewarpYesYesYesYes
That Wasn't Too Bad...NoYesNoYes
Perfect ImitationNoYesNoNo
A Toad's DozenYesYesYesYes
Do The Timewarp Again!NoYesYesYes
Just Like HasselhoffNoNoYesNo
Air JuggleYesNoNoNo
Fuck You Sound Barrier!YesYesNoNo
Goo LoverNoYesNoNo
Well Placed 1UPYesNoYesNo
I Like It Here!YesYesYesYes
What's A "Race"?YesYesNoYes
Save Me Konami Code!YesYesYesYes
It Had To Be Snakes...YesNoNoNo
Hope Rides AloneNoYesNoNo
Delicious TearsNoYesNoNo
Battletoads: The MusicalNoYesNoNo
Changing GearsNoNoYesNo
Going For The RecordYesNoYesNo
Frog Pin CushionYesNoNoNo
My Bad...NoNoNoYes
Wonder What's On TV...YesYesYesYes
Only the LonelyYesNoNoNo
Ernie's RevengeNoYesNoYes
It Was Worth ItYesNoYesNo
He Who Smelt It...YesYesNoYes
Dry, Pointy LandNoNoNoYes
Bow Chika Wow OW!YesYesYesYes
That's Not Your Line!NoYesYesNo
All About The Benjamins/BordensYesYesYesYes
Mid Sentence SmackdownNoNoYesNo
Mister BoombasticNoNoNoYes
Your Biggest FanNoNoYesNo
Say Me FantasticNoNoNoYes
Glitched the GlitchNoNoNoYes
No Blue Shells YetNoNoNoYes
Why Even Bother?NoNoNoYes
Horrible LuckNoNoYesNo
Turn The Other CheekNoNoYesNo
What's The Big Deal?YesNoNoNo
Called ItNoYesNoNo
Split Second Screw JobNoNoNoYes
Alcoholic in TrainingNoYesNoYes
Snarf Snarf!NoYesNoNo
Life Imitates BattletoadsNoYesNoNo


At the end of part 1Edit

PlayerCurrent LevelDeathsAchievements

At the end of part 2Edit

PlayerCurrent LevelDeathsAchievements
SuperJeenius7 (+1)70 (110 total)13 (21 total)
Pcull444449 (+1)69 (112 total)9 (21 total)
NintendoCapriSun8 (±0)65 (103 total)8 (17 total)
ProtonJon10 (+1)56 (99 total)7 (18 total)

At the end of part 3Edit

PlayerCurrent LevelDeathsAchievements
SuperJeenius8 (+1)79 (189 total)6 (27 total)
Pcull444449 (+0)62 (174 total)6 (27 total)
NintendoCapriSun9 (+1)69 (172 total)4 (21 total)
ProtonJon11 (+1)38 (137total)10 (28 total)

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